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    1. Bitumen Tank A piece of efficient and energy-saving accessory for the asphalt equipment, which integrates bitumen storage, warm-up, dehydration, heating, transport as a whole.
      It is a kind of either stationary or moveable accessory essential and ideal for various asphalt mixing plants due to its easy operation and high energy efficiency
    1. Aggregate Batcher PZ series of aggregate batcher mainly consists of bins, cumulative electron weighing mechanism, and belt conveyer, and so on.
      Multiple materials can be weighed automatically and proportionally by the aggregate batcher on the basis of the pre-set concrete ratio
    1. Finished Silo Compatible with the asphalt mixer, this kind of parts of asphalt plant serves to store the ready-mixed asphalt
      It has a relatively large volume and is easy to handle.
    1. Water Filter Dust-free reliable water filter is a necessity for mixing asphalt. Our filters are steel shell structure and designed to remove dust using water during the asphalt mixing process so that the discharged air has better quality.
    1. Bag Filter Bag filter is a kind of auxiliary equipment of asphalt mixer, which serves to collect the dust produced in the process of asphalt mixing. Together with mixer and dryer, it can increase the production capacity of asphalt plant with an ease of operation.
    1. Coal Breaker It is a piece of auxiliary equipment of asphalt plant burner.
      A small-size coal breaker is mainly used for breaking the chunks of coal into small pieces suitable for the heating equipment of asphalt plant.
    1. Coal Miller A coal miller is a piece of auxiliary equipment of the burner. It is used to mill large coal into the powder so that the coal can be well burned in the burner.
    1. RAP Breaking and Screening System Low-end receiving bin ensures the recycled materials will not spill
      Rear wear-resistant cleaner allows the drum to work more stably.
      Conveyer is controlled by reliable specialized pullswitch, which does improve the safety of the equipment

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