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Aggregate Batcher
Aggregate Batcher
Technical Parameters of Aggregate Batcher
Model PZ30 Batching Machine
Model No. PZ30
Single bin volume 2.3m3
Amount of compartment bin 3 4
Weighing limit 8t-20t 15t-30t
Power 3kw 3kw
Model PZ50 Batching Machine
Model No. PZ50
Single bin volume 5m3
Amount of compartment bin 3 4
Weighing limit 30t-60t 30t-80t
Power 5.5kw 7.5kw

Description of Aggregate Batcher
1. PZ series of aggregate batcher mainly consists of bins, cumulative electron weighing mechanism, and belt conveyer, and so on.
2. Multiple materials can be weighed automatically and proportionally by the aggregate batcher on the basis of the pre-set concrete ratio

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