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Service Center

Currently, Tietuo built a customer service center, which is staffed with more than eighty after-sales employees. The center is responsible for the creation of detailed customer files. Meanwhile, after-sales engineers are in well-versed in equipment’s installation, commissioning, operator training, operation manual’s compilation, and free technical consultation and so on.

After-sales service:
Equipment’s installation, commissioning, and accuracy checking;
Free installation assistance and commissioning;
Client review

Technical information, warranty period and free service:
Product certification, operation manual, technical regulations for product maintenance and repair are supplied by Tietuo.
Random spare parts and tools are also provided;
Free training for operators and maintenance staffs;
Free technical consultation service;
Regular technical training session will be delivered for client’s staffs;
Lifetime service for our machines.

Timely supplement for components:
All the repair parts are all manufactured from Tietuo’s production base. Thus they are genuine ones.

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